Online Coaching


Many of you may not be available for coaching sessions in person. Luckily, technology has made it possible for you to connect with Scott remotely no matter where you are in the world! Online coaching sessions involve an initial evaluation of a student submitted video, followed with a video demonstrating and explaining some key concepts of the session. To get started, submit the online form in the bottom right.
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What is the cost?
The cost of an online coaching session is $40 to be submitted beforehand.
What is the video turnaround time?
All coaching sessions will have a maximum 48 hour turnaround time although usually it will be much quicker.
What do I need to record my lessons?
All you need a camera from either a smartphone, digital camera or anything that can email or upload videos to the web.
How do I send and how will I receive my videos?
All videos will be uploaded to a created Edufii training space for a student. From there, Scott will submit his responses in the same training space.
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Online Lesson Information

To receive instructions on how to submit an online coaching session, please fill out the form.