The Junior Coaching Program is for Junior golfers, who are new to the game of golf. Our players experience golf in a fun environment that focuses on learning golf from the ground up. We give our students a solid foundation to build on each week with a set of unique games and drills being incorporated. Our Programs main focus is teaching juniors how to play the game of while instilling first tee core values.
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How do I sign up?
All sign ups are online, making it easy, quick and reliable.
What does my child need to bring to class in order to be prepared?
Please have them bring a water bottle, sunblock, proper clothing for the current weather and clubs if they have them. Golf shoes and gloves are not necessary.
What happens when there is inclement weather?
We try and hold class as much as possible so please be prepared to bring them even if it is raining. We will only cancel class if the range is closed or if the weather is REALLY bad. If we do end up having to cancel class due to inclement weather, no sessions are lost. In bad weather, sessions are held inside where we will work with the students on club handling games (putting, chipping). Our coaches will also work on the First Tee curriculum.
What’s included in the Junior program?
• 1.5 hours of coaching weekly • One on course playing lesson per month • Video Analysis • Logo hat.
Does my child need clubs?
If your child does not have clubs please let us know and we will provide them. If your child has clubs please bring them to class so we can make sure they are fitted properly. If you'd like to buy equipment for your child, we can provide recommendations on the best, most cost effective vendor to purchase them from.
What is your absent policy?
Our absence policy is as follows. You get one missed session over the 12 week program. After the allowed total missed sessions, any subsequent absences count as an attended class.
How do I find out which program is right for my child?
On the sign up page you will see the groups are age and skill level specific. Inside each team we then group players who comparable in ability. Your child will feel comfortable in the session and increase their learning ability by being paired with other players of similar skill.
What is LTAD and why do we do it?
Long Term Athletic Development is a vital part of the SHG Junior Coaching Programs. Golf is a sport that requires great athleticism to succeed. Research has shown that developing athleticism at a young age is of the highest priority. That is why you will see our juniors not always playing golf, but participating in other sports as well during sessions.
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