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The High school program is for high school players who are trying to play competitive golf. This program will work on helping them get to the "Next Level" on their mental game and scoring techniques. We spend time on the golf course, in seminars and workshops developing the tools needed to become mentally strong in the game of golf. We define goals, create improvement plans, and go over the steps to achieve those goals.
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Do you help them with the mental approach?
Yes, we work on the golfing mindset in every session as it is vital to providing them with a competitive advantage over other players. In addition to providing techniques to promote mental clarity on the course, we also asign reading assignments of world class sports psychology books and have monthly workshops on the mental game.
Do they get out on the course?
Absolutely! We have our players out as often as possible. In most cases, every other session includes time on the course.
What is your absent policy?
It is vital that players are committed to their coaching programs, therefore we only allow 1 missed session every 12 weeks. However, they are granted attendance expemptions if their tournament schedule conflicts with a regularly scheduled coaching session.
How do I pay for my child's program?
We accept all credit cards on our online registration. You will have the option to pay in one lump sum or in a series of payments.
What’s included in the High School program?
• 2 Hours coaching weekly • One on course playing lesson per month • Video analysis • Online improvement system • Goal setting every 6 weeks • Tournament calendar creation
What if they have a tournament?
In your child is in a tournament, they are not penalized for missing a coaching session. In fact, we believe that tournament play is one of the best ways to improve rapidly.
How do I pick the right program for my child?
We have 3 different high school teams for boys and girls. Information on each program can be viewed by clicking the "programs" link above. If you are still unsure, please call us to discuss which team would fit your child best.
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